Social Responsibility

Röchling as an Employer
Our employees and their wellbeing are our primary concerns. As a family-owned company, the Röchling Group stands for value-conscious and sustainable actions. Our daily interactions are characterized by mutual respect, appreciation and trust. The organizational structures also reflect these traits – flat hierarchies and a cooperative leadership style enable direct and open exchanges between employees and managers.

Motivated, curious and qualified employees are of fundamental importance in securing the Röchling Group’s future. We provide our employees with a positive working environment. In the binding Röchling Code of Conduct, the company takes an unambiguous stance against discrimination and exclusion; it also embraces the principle of equal opportunities. Röchling respects the internationally recognized human rights as well as the labor and social standards. To support their professional and personal training, we offer our employees a comprehensive portfolio of personnel development measures. Röchling supports its employees as a company with a long-term yet innovative approach. This is reflected not least by their many years of service with the company. Anyone who starts working at Röchling wants to stay.

Success Through Diversity
We are Röchling. The company is represented at 91 locations in 25 countries, and everyone of the 10,929 employees experiences a different facet of Röchling. Different nationalities and cultures shape our collaboration. We value diversity in the workforce because it decisively influences the competitive edge and success of a company. For us, diversity is not a buzzword but the expression of a professional human resources policy.

Our international customers and worldwide presence mean that our employees work on a global stage. Staff members of different nationalities, age groups, and genders are brought together as part of worldwide projects where they work hand in hand as a team to meet our customers’ needs. In this context, the exchange of knowledge across different regions is our guarantee of success.

We are an attractive employer for women and men alike. In a production-based organization such as the Röchling Group, where around 70 percent of employees work in manufacturing, many of the jobs at the company are naturally of the type that were traditionally the preserve of men. In the interests of equality, however, we employ suitably qualified women in these roles as a matter of course. We are also involved in efforts to attract girls and young women to the so-called “male professions.”

To raise the company’s profile for potential applicants, Röchling takes part in university recruitment events. Various locations also participate in the annual “Girls’ Day” and “Boys’ Day” events. Through student internships and local cooperations with schools, we reach out to girls and boys at an early stage and explain to them nuts and bolts of our technical and commercial apprenticeships. Thereby, Röchling offers exciting insights into the various occupations and the development oppor­tunities in the company.

Flexible working-time models allow employees to reconcile work and family life. The option of mobile working also provides additional scope with regard to working time and place.

The Röchling Group is dominated by traditionally male professions.

Percentage of women in the Röchling Group’s overall workforce in 2018

In management, one in five positions is held by a woman.

Percentage of women in the Röchling Group’s management in 2018

Fit for the Future
As a family-owned company that has always looked to the future, the Röchling Group drives innovation forward, plays a leading role in shaping developments and successfully masters ever-evolving tasks. In 2022, Röchling will celebrate its bicentennial – with versatility firmly enshrined in the corporate culture. Our employees are a mainstay of this success story, and we take their needs into account and support them accordingly.

Discussions and employee surveys provide impor­tant insights and concepts for staff development to managers, who can then agree on suitable training measures on this basis.

The Röchling Group’s international seminar program uses various learning concepts to support the personal and professional development of employees. A focus on current topics ensures that colleagues are fully prepared for future tasks. Employees can attend cross-cultural seminars and language classes, for instance, to hone their skills for inter­national collaboration. By and large, the specific technical training is provided by in-house trainers. The training fosters the systematic transfer of knowledge across locations and regions and ensures a high level of expertise worldwide.

Our junior staff, from apprentices to future managers, benefit from training concepts tailored to their needs. These include seminars that provide insights crossing all division boundaries. This promotes networking within the Röchling Group. Team-building activities, such as rock climbing and bowling, are enjoyable for the apprentices and help stimulate a team spirit. Provision is also made for students in dual study programs and trainees to spend time on assignments at other locations. To strengthen inter-cultural expertise, assignments abroad can also be offered in specific cases.

Röchling adheres to the guiding principle of planning today for the managers and specialists of tomorrow. As a result, highly motivated and qualified employees at Röchling are identified, promoted, and supported as part of the international talent programs. The objective is to use a variety of development measures such as training or mentoring to work on the individual strengths and development potential of our employees. This procedure makes professional succession management possible.

With the help of the Röchling Leadership Series, which is implemented worldwide, we support and qualify employees for their new management role. Participation is mandatory. In addition to a series of leadership seminars, the future managers are supported with practical coaching sessions.

Leadership and collaboration at Röchling are characterized by short communication paths and support from colleagues. Our goal is to maintain this Röchling spirit even in times of strong growth, which the company is currently experiencing. To this end, we launched the project “Guidelines for Leadership and Collaboration” in 2018. An international project group spanning all divisions and hierarchies developed a set of draft guidelines on the subject. The core statements contain precisely those aspects that have always set us apart and will continue to be important in the future in carrying the Röchling Group forward successfully into the next century of company history. These include “Dare to Break New Ground,” “You are Röchling” and “Unlock the Potential of Differences.”

Röchling Is Everywhere
Röchling supports the diverse needs of its employees not only at Group level, but also regionally.

Dual Study Programs

Close cooperation with technical universities allow students to gain hands-on experience at an early stage and get insights into the Röchling Group.

Company-Wide Learning

Inter-company mentoring is provided in contact with other companies. In seminars, participants gain new perspectives through interaction and support one another with practical advice.

Apprentices – the Experts of Tomorrow

Röchling attaches great importance to the apprenticeship model. By bringing our specialist staff and apprentices together, we are developing the next generation of specialists.

Work-Life Balance

The provision of supervised children’s camps during the school holidays supports the reconciliability of family and work life.

Qualification of Career Changers

Röchling offers career changers the opportunity to embark on a new career with long-term prospects following internal qualification.


Experienced specialist staff and managers pass on their expertise and the values of the Röchling Group.

Continuous Improvement

We value the ideas of our employees. The company suggestion scheme encourages people to remain inquisitive and to think outside the box.

Employees Recruit Employees

Our employees are happy to recommend us. This enables the efficient and sustainable recruitment of future colleagues who share the Röchling values.

Achieving and Maintaining Health

Ergonomics training for office and production environments contribute to the health of staff. Company health promotion is an important priority.

Celebrating Together

The locations host regular festivities for their employees. Whether it is an open house for our employees and their families, summer parties or year-end celebrations – with these events, the company is expressing its appreciation and building a sense of community.

Occupational Health and Safety
The entrepreneurial actions of the Röchling Group also focus on providing workplaces at which employees can work in safety and without fear of accidents and where environmental damage is prevented or minimized. Röchling is committed to occupational health and safety based on a continuous improvement process that is implemented across all divisions. Both areas of action are subject to reporting obligations and are focal areas for the management.

Accident prevention measures for production lines and ergonomically designed workstations are initiated as early as the planning stage. Workflows are constantly monitored for possible hazards for employees. Together with managers and employees, the safety officers develop strategies for avoiding potential accidents at the workplace. This active analysis enables potential hazards to be identified, assessed, and remedied at an early stage. Prevention is a top priority at Röchling. We continuously check to see how, for instance, changes to machinery and plant, the reconfiguration of transport routes, optimized lighting conditions, improved signage, and corresponding employee training can successfully reduce the number of accidents. Therefore, the potential of comprehensive prevention will also be fully exploited in the employees’ interest in the future.

The principle “The health of all employees is the top priority” is firmly enshrined in the Röchling corporate guidelines. To further improve occupational health and safety, Röchling Industrial plans to certify all eleven locations in Germany according to the new standard ISO 45001:2018 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.” The standard will replace the previous standard OHSAS 18001. It facilitates the integration of occupational health and safety in all business processes and aims to ­ensure even greater awareness of occupational safety at all levels.

Hand Safety Campaign in Haren, Lahnstein, and Troisdorf
Röchling Industrial employees in Haren, Lahnstein, and Troisdorf, Germany, learned just how important healthy hands can be during a hand safety campaign last year. The goal of this occupational safety measure was to prevent hand injuries. A parcours during which participants were required to complete tasks, for example, with one hand or without using their thumbs raised awareness of the issue of hand safety. From the anatomy of the hand to protective gloves – a theoretical section provided the necessary background information. Röchling conducted the campaign as part of the company’s comprehensive occupational safety measures.

The thousand-man quota specifies the total number of notifiable work-related accidents expressed as a proportion of every 1,000 full-time employees.

By divisions in 2017

*excluding Röchling Precision Components companies

Global Safety Week and Global Health Management Program
The Automotive division holds an annual “Global Safety Week” at all locations around the world. The main purpose of the safety week is to actively involve all employees in all areas in assessing safety at the workplace. Employees use a form to determine possible workplace hazards and stresses in the work areas of production, warehouse, office, workshop, molds, equipment, machines, and materials. At the end of the safety week, the safety specialists evaluate the forms and identify opportunities for risk prevention.

In addition to the employee survey, a range of health and safety campaigns, such as flu shots, hearing tests, and firefighting exercises, are offered in this context at several locations.

The idea to launch a campaign simultaneously at all Automotive locations around the world and to involve employees in improving safety at the company was awarded the annual “Work – Safety – Health Advancement Prize” by BG RCI, the German employee’s liability insurance association for the raw materials and chemical industry. It confirms that Röchling has made a significant contribution to improving occupational health and safety.

Monthly Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Topics
The Steering Committee EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) of the Automotive division defines the monthly occupational health and safety, and environmental protection topics for the year. These are then published monthly across a range of media, such as EHS boards, blackboards or screens, at all locations. Furthermore, the respective EHS mana­gers can organize on-site campaigns on additional topics. In the area of occupational safety and environmental protection, for instance, information is shared on how to handle hazardous substances. Among other things, the monthly health topic provides tips on healthy drinks, the risks of alcohol consumption, recommendations regarding cancer screening or cholesterol-lowering foods.

Comparable campaigns are also held at the locations of the Industrial and Medical divisions. These are organized to meet the specific needs of the locations.

Environmental, Energy, and Occupational Health and Safety Day in Neuhaus, Germany
In the Medical division, the Neuhaus location is raising the awareness of sustainability, energy, the environment, and occupational health and safety among all employees by organizing a Sustainability Day. In this context, various stations on the com­pany premises were used in 2018 to highlight how each individual can make a specific contribution to environmental and climate protection. In addition, the issues of occupational safety and accident prevention were highlighted, which involved explaining the use of medical kits in first aid and carrying out exercises using a rollover simulator. Also on the agenda was the personal health of employees. For instance, employees were given the opportunity to have key health measurements checked on a “health bus.”