Röchling Group

The Röchling Group, which is headquartered in Mannheim, comprises 91 locations in 25 countries all over the world. With a workforce of 10,929 employees (including temporary employees, 31 December 2018), we manufacture our products in close proximity to our customers and markets.
Our three company divisions, Industrial, Automotive, and Medical, generated total sales of 2,140 million euros on the European, American, and Asian continents in 2018.

Strong growth and a fast pace of innovation are features of the market environment in which the Röchling Group operates. Hardly any other sector offers as much potential as the plastics industry. We have significantly advanced the development of this material over the last few decades and will continue to do so in the future.

Thereby, we profit from the experience and expert knowledge of our employees. Our technological expertise allows us to apply many different manufacturing and processing methods – guaranteeing high-quality, innovative products, and economic processes. We help our employees hone their skills and make the best possible use of available professional opportunities.

Pioneering, Excellent, Reliable
The Röchling Group’s steady progress to becoming one of the leading plastics companies on the international stage in recent years was characterized by our guiding corporate themes of competence, quality, and innovation. To keep pace with rapidly evolving market requirements and to ensure that we pass on a strong, healthy and agile company to the next generation, Röchling has adapted its previous values accordingly. The guiding principle that we now espouse is to compete in the market based solely on our brand core of being pioneering, excellent, and reliable. Acting in this way allows us to generate optimum customer benefits.

The Industrial division supplies almost every sector of industry with optimal, application-oriented materials. To achieve this, Röchling has probably the world’s biggest product portfolio in the area of thermoplastics and composite materials. The company manufactures a range of semi-finished parts such as sheets, rods, tubes, flat bars, finished castings and profiles as well as machined and assembled precision components.

The Automotive division designs and engineers components and system solutions in the fields of aerodynamics, propulsion, and new mobility. As part of our customer-oriented and global development approach, we focus on the current challenges facing the automotive industry: reduction of the environmental impact and improvement of the customer experience.

The Medical division offers customers a wide range of high-quality, customized components and assemblies, including end-to-end OEM products. The product portfolio also includes standard plastic products, with special expertise in the fields of diagnostics, fluid management, pharma, surgery and interventional, and much more. These areas of competence are complemented by an enhanced range of services for development and regulatory affairs, all the way to approval of finished devices and other medical products.

Sales of the Röchling Group have increased once again.

Sales revenues in millions of euros

The number of employees has increased further.

Employees (excluding temporary employees) as of 31 December