Sustainability Strategy and Company Policies

The Röchling Group, established in 1822, has developed into an internationally leading and global association of small and medium-sized companies specialized in the area of plastics processing.

Pioneering, excellent, reliable – these are the corporate values by which Röchling measures itself. As a family-owned company, the principle of law-abiding behavior both internally as well as externally is of particular concern to us. We endeavor to be a reliable and fair partner to all business partners and to our employees. The Röchling Code of Conduct sets out this standard for the individual areas of our business activities and lays down specific irrefutable minimum requirements.

The company policies of the Röchling Group target the continuous improvement of all operational sequences in order to meet ever-increasing ­market requirements, enhance customer satisfaction, and prevent errors. Our actions are shaped by a sense of responsibility to our ­employees, customers, investors, society, and the ­environment.

The companies of the Röchling Group are processors of technical plastics for the capital goods industry, the automotive industry as well as for medical and pharmaceutical technology. Thanks to their low weight, long service life, and numerous recycling possibilities, plastic products make an important contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of resources while they are in use. Nevertheless, the image of plastics has been tainted in view of the massive environmental problems we face worldwide. However, this mainly concerns only a part of the plastics market: pollution of the world’s oceans caused in particular by disposable plastic products from the consumer industry poses a major problem. According to the United Nations Environment Program, this can be attributed to patchy waste management, particularly if plastic waste is allowed to enter the environment as a result of unsecured waste sites situated in the vicinity of seas or the illegal dumping of waste in rivers. Despite this, the properties of plastics make them fundamentally even more sustainable than other materials.

The goal of all Röchling companies is to safeguard the quality of our product deliveries and of our services and developments on a permanent basis, thereby ensuring that we provide only the best quality, ready for delivery on schedule. This is done while taking the relevant environmental, occupational, and data protection regulations into account as well as applicable legislation and other binding regulations. During production of medical and pharmaceutical products, the focus is firmly on patient safety as a quality criterion. We guarantee verifiable and total care and traceability of our activities all the way down to the raw materials used. With our quality management system, we are strengthening our customers’ trust in our products and services. We also include our suppliers in the adherence to the same high quality, environmental, safety and data protection standards.

Profitable and Environmentally Friendly
To ensure that we also meet this obligation in financial terms, we develop, plan and optimize our products and processes in line with the latest technological developments. Making all our services cost-effective is the goal of our companies. This also includes the commitment to using resources of all types sparingly. We firmly believe that forward-looking environmental protection is the key to improving environmental performance.

Through our commitment to protect the environment, economize our use of energy, continuously lower relative energy consumption, and use energy efficiently and economically, we are making an active contribution to climate protection.

One of the main concerns of Röchling is the protection of health and safety at the workplace. The continuous improvement of processes, products, and systems by means of suitable measures enables us to take precautions within our organization for the health of our employees and to work towards a reliable and acceptable safety system – also with regard to the environment.

The procurement, design and development of the machines, plants and equipment, the configuration of workplaces, the determination of methods, and the preparation of work instructions are carried out in a way that protects the health of employees and third parties. Through preventative actions and internal analyses to protect the health and safety of employees, we reduce the likelihood of accidents and occupational illness.

As a family-owned company, there are specific principles that are particularly important to Röchling. The Code of Conduct, published back in 2014 and binding for all employees of the Röchling Group, formulates our attitude regarding statutory provisions, voluntary commitment, internal guidelines and ethical standards.