Social Engagement

Röchling takes on its social responsibility primarily at local level. The locations of the Röchling Group initiate and oversee non-profit projects, donations, or charitable activities worldwide, which are carefully matched to the specific needs of the respective regions.

• Röchling Sports Club. Achieving joint success as a team: Röchling provides worldwide support for the sports club founded by employees. Employees regularly plan sports activities and participate in sporting events.

• Diversity as a Key to Success. The Röchling Group values the diversity of its employees. We have provided several refugees initially with internships followed by vocational training – thereby offering them prospects for the future.

• Reliable Partner. Röchling Engineering Plastics in Haren, Germany, is a long-standing partner of St.-Vitus-Werk in Meppen, which caters for people with disabilities. Through regular donations in support of initiatives such as the remodeling of the Vitus children’s day care center or the purchase of a vehicle equipped for the disabled, Röchling is supporting projects undertaken by social services in the locality.

• Reliable Partner. The Röchling location in Oepping, Austria, recently became an official partner to the Red Cross in Rohrbach. With an annual sponsorship, Röchling Leripa Papertech will support youth work along with various other projects in the area. Thanks to this commitment, the company is strengthening a close partnership with the Red Cross that goes back many years.

• Collecting for a Good Cause. Since 2016, Röchling Automotive in Peine, Germany, has been tirelessly collecting all sorts of plastic caps – more than 50,000 in two years. Through its collaboration with Verein Deckel drauf e.V. (“Put the cap on it”), the company has been able to provide a polio vaccination for over 100 children.

• Engaged. For 20 years, employees of Röchling Medical Rochester, USA, have regularly supported two charitable organizations: the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Bivona Child Advocacy Center. Both organizations from Rochester support missing and exploited children. In addition to making donations, employees regularly participate, for example, in charitable events by both organizations and have the option of donating an individually specified portion of their salary on a voluntary basis.

• Promoting the Common Good. Röchling Medical Lancaster, USA, supports the United Way organization, which is active in almost 1,800 communities in over 40 countries around the world. The main emphasis in this case is on the areas of education, income and common good – the fundamental building blocks of a good quality of life. United Way concentrates on developing community-based and community-oriented solutions in order to improve people’s lives.