Dear Sir or Madam:

This year the Röchling Group presents a sustainability report for the first time. Naturally, this does not imply that we have only recently begun to engage in the issues of occu­pational health and safety as well as environmental protection. On the contrary, these have been top priorities at our worldwide locations for decades. We apply numerous individual measures to reduce our environmental footprint, increase safety standards, and protect the health of our employees. For this purpose, we have defined binding rules for all. We continuously evaluate without compromise how we can become even better in these areas. For our family-owned company, which will celebrate its bicentennial in 2022, sustainability is a core value.

However, reporting on this field is complicated by the fact that Röchling has yet to complete the establishment of a consistent Group-wide reporting procedure for key sustainability factors. Despite this, we want to take the opportunity this year to present some of our varied activities and measures that we are using to secure and promote sustainability in our company. Transparent reporting is a matter of immense importance to us. After all, the material at the heart of our corporate activities is increasingly becoming a focus of publicity and criticism. Plastic is being condensed into a single issue, which is waste.

The Röchling Group processes high-performance plastics in its Industrial, Automotive and Medical divisions. These are not the sorts of plastic products that are discharged into our environment in an uncontrolled manner as waste – from the plastic bag to the soft drink bottle. Our expertise lies in a material that makes an important contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of resources thanks to its low weight, long service life, and its many recycling possibilities. As a processor of technical plastics, we can minimize our ecological footprint in an efficient and sustainable manner by conserving the natural resources in our production processes. Our highest priority at Röchling is to produce resource-efficiently. This is why we analyze our material and energy flows and develop measures to reduce energy consumption, emissions, waste materials, and wastewater. You will find several interesting examples of these measures in this report.

However, the major ecological problems caused by plastic waste in our oceans, for example, are matters of extreme concern to us. As a company that is aware of its social and ecological responsibility, we want to make our contribution to preserving the natural foundations of life. The Röchling Group therefore also feels responsible for the packaging waste in our environment. Especially given our status as a family-owned company, our focus is not on short-term success but rather on adopting a long-term perspective. This is also an incentive to us to deal responsibly with resources for the sake of future generations. Sustainable economic activities are a fundamental principle of our company.

We feel an equal responsibility to our employees. Their safety and their health are guiding priorities for us. We are committed to the ideals of diversity and equality, to reconciling work and family life and to the training and further qualification of our employees. They are the most important asset for the long-term success of our company.

We passionately believe that we can only be truly successful by achieving our economic objectives while at the same time fulfilling our responsibility to society and the environment. These are also the principles that underpin the work of the not-for-profit Röchling Foundation. Since 1990, the Röchling entrepreneurial family has bundled all activities relating to social responsibility under the umbrella of this foundation. With a wide range of measures, it contributes actively to the preservation of the foundations of life. You can also read about these activities in this sustainability report.

We wish you an informative read.

Prof. Dr. Hanns-Peter Knaebel
President & CEO

Erwin Doll

Franz Lübbers
Executive Board