The Popular Pouch

When the school bell rings, schoolyards everywhere offer a similar sight: school kids loudly slurping up the last drop of their drink. One of the all-time favorites is Capri-Sun with its unique drinking pouch. These pouches are filled by Capri Sun, which uses the filling machines from INDAG Pouch Partners GmbH in Eppelheim, Germany. INDAG Pouch Partners is a 100 percent subsidiary of Capri Sun Group Holding AG. Sliding rails made of Polystone® M from Röchling Hydroma contribute to the efficiency and durability of the modern filling lines.

Colorful and bright silver, flexible and lightweight: the special Capri-Sun drinking pouch is not only the hallmark of Capri-Sun, it offers numerous advantages as well. Thinner and lighter than glass, paper or metal packaging, the pouch fits into any backpack or handbag. No bottle can compete with that. The quality of the pouch is unique and patented.

The numbers also prove its popularity: Around seven billion units are sold worldwide every year. Capri-Sun is available in more than 100 countries. But something this successful also needs to be produced reliably and efficiently in large quantities.

Capri-Sun is manufactured in Eppelheim near Heidelberg for the German market and for many European countries. INDAG Pouch Partners, a subsidiary of the Capri Sun Group Holding AG, develops and builds the special filling systems and production lines for the pouches. Capri Sun then fills the popular children’s drink at high speed and in large quantities. This is absolutely unique: Capri-Sun is the only beverage brand that develops its own filling technology and packaging from the ground up.

High Requirements for All System Parts
With this background, INDAG Pouch Partners offers process and product know-how for plant construction that is unrivaled around the world. As the market leader for high-speed pouch filling machines, INDAG Pouch Partners places very high demands on all system parts and components.

The sliding rails made of Polystone® M from Röchling Hydroma in Ruppertsweiler, Germany, are machined according to customer drawings and contribute to the efficiency and performance of the filling plants. Thanks to its low coefficient of sliding friction, Polystone® M, a material made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW), reduces the drive energy required in the conveying system and increases the stability of the conveying process. With its high wear resistance, the material can withstand heavy loads over the long term. So this is how Polystone® M supports the efficient and reliable filling of the world-famous and popular drinking pouches.


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