Robust Helpers Behind the Scenes

Once the cheers of the crowd have faded away after a rock concert and the band have hashed out the final chords, that’s when the evening really gets started for the helpers behind the scenes: expensive technical devices, equipment, and instruments need to be stored away quickly and safely transported ready for the next show. Flight cases are essential for this because they allow sensitive equipment to be carried securely. The lightweight material Foamlite® from Röchling is perfect for these cases. Most notably because it unites two important properties: lightness and robustness.

If the band has to head off to the next show straight after a concert, the flight cases need to be easy to move and loaded up quickly. After all, bands often play in lots of different cities within a few days. Everything needs to happen quickly and be easy to manage. With its very low weight, the lightweight material Foamlite® is just the right thing for these situations. Its low density of just 0.65 grams per cubic centimeter makes it particularly easy for roadies – as the traveling event technicians and assistants are known on the music scene – to handle the equipment.

High Requirements for Day-to-Day Life on Tour
Foamlite® also features a high level of mechanical stability. This means Foamlite® flight cases are able to protect valuable equipment against damage if they get dropped or bumped, and they have a long service life, even during hectic day-to-day life on tour. The material does not splinter, which reduces the risk of injury. Foamlite® also absorbs virtually no moisture and is very UV resistant, making it suitable for use in all kinds of weather.

“We developed this closed-pore, foamed material specifically for applications where construction materials need to have a combination of a minimal weight and high mechanical stability,” explains Benjamin Jose, Product Manager Foamlite® from Röchling Engineering Plastics. Foamlite® sheets are almost 30 percent lighter than comparable compact plastic sheets. The lightweight sheet enables you to save material and resources, and it is easy to handle.

Thanks to these properties, flight cases made of Foamlite® are not only suitable for event technology, they are also perfect for all applications that require high-quality equipment or cargo to be transported and protected securely and reliably. Typical areas of application are also racing sports, measurement technology, medical devices, and special packaging, for example for works of art.

Simple Processing
Foamlite® is very easy to process using common wood processing tools. This makes it easy to manufacture flight cases for various requirements in different sizes and thicknesses. The aluminum profiles that are typically used during the production of flight cases can also be attached securely with rivets and screws.


Benjamin Jose

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