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Fast switch-overs are essential for tank manufacturers. Every customer query involves new requirements: What media are being stored? What static loads apply? Where will the tank stand? How fast does the tank have to reach the customer? And what construction material provides the maximum process reliability and durability under these conditions?

“Every tank has different requirements,” says Mario Erdec, Managing Director at Erdec d.o.o., a developer and manufacturer of tanks for the chemical industry, swimming pools and fish farms. “Close consultation with our customers is always the first step. This is the only way we can make the right decisions during design, and plan and construct tanks that fit perfectly within the given time.” Reacting quickly to customer requirements ultimately means one thing above all else for tank manufacturers: a competitive edge.

Erdec d.o.o. has established itself as a flexible provider for different market requirements. At the location in Đurđevac, Croatia, the company produces round and rectangular tanks according to customers’ drawings in various dimensions. With its expertise, Erdec is often asked to develop new applications by international clients, too. In such cases, tank solutions are needed at short notice – for example, for the construction of tanks for storing aggressive brine for Magyar Közút, the biggest public road maintenance company in Hungary.

Choosing the Right Material
If there is a risk of slippery roads, Magyar Közút’s road salters are filled with brine and ensure the roads are safe. The brine solution based on sodium chloride, calcium chloride or urea is mixed and stored in round tanks. During the planning and construction of the tanks, the experts of Erdec had to take two factors into consideration above all others: a high resistance to the brine itself and a high UV and weather resistance, since the tanks are installed outside. Magyar Közút also has to be able to rely on the planned service life of the tanks of several years under these conditions. Choosing the right material is therefore crucial.

Close Coordination
Close project coordination plays an equally important role. This is because special mixing and filling technology is installed in the tanks produced by Erdec. RASCO d.o.o. from Kalinovac, Croatia, is responsible for this installation. The company is a world leader in the road service sector and provides a wide range of snowploughs, road sweepers, and road salting vehicles. RASCO has developed special mixing and storage tanks to match. RASCO has the tanks produced at Erdec and then installs the technology itself. The experts of Erdec visited RASCO on site in Kalinovac and familiarized themselves with the requirements over several meetings. “We coordinated the design within a short period and produced the tanks so that RASCO could then deliver to Magyar Közút in good time. Having a reliable partner at your side is very helpful for projects like this one,” explains Managing Director Mario Erdec.

Advice from Röchling
Erdec got key advice from Röchling Industrial at its location in Planá nad Lužnicí, Czech Republic, in choosing the material. As a long-standing customer, Erdec has been using various tank construction materials from Röchling for many years – made of everything from polyethylene to polypropylene. Röchling recommended Polystone® G black HD for this specific application. The material was specially developed to build tanks, providing high resistance to chemical media and exhibiting very good UV and weather resistance. It withstands the brine solution over the long term and is suitable for ­outdoor use. The material is used for the constructionof tanks worldwide.

Fast Delivery
Röchling supplied the sheets and matching welding rods. Röchling also performed the dimensioning for the design of the tanks with the software for tank building RITA®. The program “RITA® 4.0 – Röchling’s Integrated Tank Building Assistant,” developed by Röchling and certified by TÜV Nord, calculates free standing, pressureless circular and rectangular tanks. Erdec coordinated the final design with the RASCO engineers. Thanks to the close cooperation between Erdec, RASCO, and Röchling, it was possible to deliver the tanks at short notice.

“We are pleased to have fulfilled the requirements of RASCO. We work hard every day to make our tanks better,” sums up Erdec. “Having a partner like Röchling at our side with its wealth of experience in tank building is a clear competitive advantage. We can react quickly to differing market requirements.”


Jan Michalíček

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