By Cable Car to Work

The Teleférico in the Boli­vian capital city of La Paz is the longest and densest urban cable car network in the world. Up to 75,000 passengers use it every day. Many people take the gon­dolas to get to work. Slide rails made of Robalon® by Röchling ensure that the cable cars on the Teleférico are guided into the stations efficiently and reliably.

The cable cars slowly float above the roofs and streets of La Paz. Far below the cable cars, there is the usual chaos of a major city: cars and minibuses line the narrow streets, traders weave their way through the traffic to sell their wares. The Teleférico connects La Paz, a vibrant city with millions of inhabitants, with the higher city of El Alto and takes some of the pressure off the highly congested roads.

The World’s Largest Urban Cable Car Network
People get on and off the cable cars at 36 stations. The cable cars are slowed down via a guide system to allow them to do so. This guide system includes slide rails made from Robalon® by Röchling, which ensure efficient and safe operation. The slide rails were machined by Röchling Leripa Papertech in Austria according to the customer’s drawing. With its outstanding sliding properties and high wear resistance, the material contributes to a smooth operation and offers a long service life. Thanks to its high UV and weather resistance, it is suitable for permanent use outdoors in the South American sunshine.

People truly benefit from the Teleférico. La Paz has two million inhabitants. Many of them work in El Alto, a city 4,000 meters above sea level. La Paz is 400 meters lower at 3,600 meters. The solution to overcoming this difference in altitude was a cable car system. 1,400 gondolas currently transport passengers in La Paz and El Alto. In 2020, this is set to increase to 1,506 gondolas. The journey from La Paz to El Alto only takes eleven minutes – by bus or car it would normally take an hour or more. This unusual method of transport gives people more than just amazing views, it also saves them time.


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