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Alternative drive technologies are a key topic for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. However, innovative fluid systems that support all kinds of drive technologies are receiving particular attention. The solutions from Röchling Automotive in this field are developing at a fast pace – from systems that already play a crucial role today to pioneering solutions.

Röchling Automotive has been successfully demonstrating its expertise in the development and production of SCR-tank systems for many years – and it will continue to do so in the future. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) makes diesel vehicles cleaner. Now the Röchling engineers are using their expertise in tank design to improve emission values for gasoline engines. The magic words are “water injection.” This is not a new idea: engines operating at high loads are cooled with water rather than the conventional method of using gasoline. This creates fuel savings while reducing CO2 emissions. Röchling Automotive is currently working on an end-to-end water injection system.

The Supply Tank Is the Key Component
The water-injection process involves water being drawn in, being finely atomized through a nozzle and then being injected into the combustion chamber. The water usually comes from an additional supply tank in the vehicle. “We have already been working on this key component for water injection for some time now and have developed efficient solutions. The main thing is that the special tank design enables us to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of water,” says Christoph Ganthaler, Head of Product Line Fluid Solutions. This makes optimal use of the available installation space, ensuring that the water has to be refilled as infrequently as possible.

In addition to this, a newly developed water tank heating system with a high defrosting performance ensures that minus temperatures pose no issues. Röchling has also developed a solution with regard to biofilm: an additive integrated into the plastic prevents biofilm efficiently, in an environmentally friendly manner, and without any additional energy expenditure. A dynamic fluid barrier ensures that water is constantly available at the suction point, even during fast cornering.

During all developments, Röchling kept the big picture in mind – for example, for customers who want an SCR-tank system in their vehicle models in the diesel version and water-injection technology for the gasoline version. “In this case we try to use synergy effects and modularly structure the development processes, tank geometry, heating, and dynamics for both systems,” explains Ganthaler.

The assistance systems aimed at making driving safer and more convenient, such as blind spot monitors and parking assist systems, also benefit from innovative Röchling tank design. It takes a whole host of sensors and cameras to provide the detailed environmental information required for them to function. With the Advanced Active Cleaning System (AACS), Röchling has developed an intelligent cleaning concept that enables targeted cleaning of dirty sensors and cameras. A smart water tank system is also a key component for this solution – the pressure and quantity of the water supply are controlled according to need. “With the modular concept, we want to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and support them during the transition phase to fully autonomous driving,” says Walter Kral, Director Product Area Propulsion.

For hybrid and purely electric vehicles, the Fluid Solutions Product Line offers solutions in the area of thermal management. The range of electric vehicles can reduce significantly in winter and summer temperatures because battery power is also being used to heat or cool the vehicle. This is why Röchling is developing systems that control the heating and cooling requirements in the vehicle in a way that saves more energy. The aim is to generate heat purposefully and to supply or dissipate it at the right place to prevent losses. In addition to this, materials and technologies are provided for interior climate control to meet the demands regarding weight and noise reduction.


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