Trust Makes Us Strong

In times of major upheaval, employees want direction – the management team needs to step in as a motivator

In these times of major and extensive change to the world around us, to our country, our employers, and our personal lives, many people feel insecure. People want direction, order, and a certain level of predictability because all of this makes us feel secure and stable.

In this regard, managers in companies are being pulled in all directions – and this is also the case at Röchling. It is their task to be guided by the tried-and-tested, while also having the courage to enact change and forge new pathways with courage and determination. The digital transformation of our corporate group, testing new tools and methods, optimizing internal communication, helping employees evolve so they can join us on this journey – these are some of the challenges the Röchling Group is facing today.

The task of inspiring courage in employees falls to the managers. Courage will help them to overcome possible anxieties and reservations towards change, build confidence, and encourage them to try new things. How can we achieve this? By explaining the need for change as openly and transparently as possible, by reporting on projects as well as their progress and setbacks, and by listening to employees, asking questions, and taking their concerns seriously.

It is the job of HR managers to take various measures to inspire confidence in all employees at the company, at all levels and in all roles: confidence in themselves, in their company, and in their future at Röchling.

Over the following pages, we will be introducing you to two Röchling employees. They are examples of the many ways that courage and a willingness to try something new can pay off – in both our professional and personal lives.

Illustration: Ina Wagner