How Röchling Supports Its Global Clients on Their Way into the Future

Röchling Automotive wants to be close to the customer – in geographical, thematic and conceptual terms. This is how Röchling supports its global clients on their way into the future. It supports them with global thinking, local development and flexible production. This becomes apparent in the following short reports from Silicon Valley, from a valley in South Tyrol, from the banks of the Rhine and from the new Chinese Silk Road.

Röchling Has a Presence in Silicon Valley
Anyone who is anyone these days is present in Silicon Valley, the key growth region for the future and the Eldorado for start-ups. This also applies for the automotive industry and its suppliers. In the native country of Google and Apple, many visionaries already see the car today as a smartphone on four wheels. Röchling Automotive also wants to be close to topics such as the self-driving car and therefore opened an office in San José in 2017. “Our customers welcome our presence on the ground and are looking forward to our ideas,” says Jermel Jones, Director of the Customer Team West Coast in San José.

Röchling Automotive has a strong and steadily growing customer base on the west coast of America for which the company is creating genuine added value in the immediate vicinity. That is the first thing. The other is the close contact to new, emerging customers, trends and techno­logies, especially in the field of new mobility. In this way, Röchling Automotive wants to help shape the next generation of mobility solutions, for instance, by developing components and systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. The New Mobility product area already includes battery housings made of Stratura® Hybrid, a material that offers high rigidity, high energy absorption and an impressive lightweight design. The company is also carrying out intensive research into a variety of charging systems.

By engaging with its customers locally and observing local trend markets worldwide, Röchling Automotive is gathering extensive expertise and numerous ideas. Both are pooled at the European development centers in Laives in South Tyrol and in Worms on the Rhine. The experts there research and develop innovative systems and products for all international locations. This creates a kind of circular flow, a never-ending stream of communication in line with the Röchling Automotive slogan “Driving Efficiency Home.” Röchling brings efficiency to customers – no matter where they are based.

“We opened a Technical Center at these two locations in 2017 in order to meet the individual needs of customers and the markets as effectively as possible,” reports Vincent Mauroit, General Manager Innovation & Business Development. These Technical Centers promote close cooperation across departmental boundaries. “We can develop solutions even more efficiently and with an even greater focus on the customer,” says Mauroit.

Röchling Follows Its Customers
This also benefits Röchling customers in Asia. Given its status as an automotive superpower, China has been a key market for Röchling Automotive for many years. The plant in Chongqing, which is due to be officially opened shortly, is part of the internationalization strategy: wherever new markets present themselves with a good environment, Röchling Automotive is present and follows its customers. The new plant in Chongqing is just 20 kilometers away from the largest production site operated by Changan Ford.

Chongqing with its 31 million residents is the economic center of southwestern China and one of the largest locations for the automotive industry. The metropolis is considered to be an important centerpiece of the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative by the Chinese Government. This project, which is also referred to as the “New Silk Road,” envisages the construction of ports, railroad lines and roads that will link the major economic centers of China with Europe. “This offers us enormous potential for further growth,” says Denis Viaro, General Manager Röchling Automotive Asia.

In Chongqing, Röchling is close to the customer, but also to the latest trends. The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the Middle Kingdom – in the area of electric cars, the country has long played a leading role on the international stage. The country is working intensively on activities relating to Industry 4.0. “In China, we can see better than anywhere else that the future of the automotive industry lies in innovative plastic solutions that feature integrated electronics expertise,” says Jackon Huang, Plant Manager at Chongqing. Röchling Automotive will be there at every step along the way.