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Global Recruitment Campaign and Internal Photo Competition

These days, the most talented junior staff can choose who they want to work for. That is because the shortage of specialist labor is noticeable everywhere. This means that companies must work harder than ever to raise their game as an employer. As such, they must set themselves apart from the competition and portray a certain image. Against this backdrop, the Röchling Group has created a new, global recruitment campaign. The employees who are already on board at Röchling play a key role in the campaign.

From Express Trains to Nasal Spray Bottles
With the campaign entitled “Röchling is Everywhere,” we are highly rated as an employer and “hidden champion” that is closer to many people than they may realize. Röchling is present everywhere in the world, with 88 locations on four continents. Röchling is also everywhere in everyday life, in virtually every industrially manufactured product. From express trains to wind turbines, from the engine shielding in cars to nasal spray bottles.

The campaign “Röchling is Everywhere” presents an authentic image of the company, close to the everyday working life of its employees. On various communication channels – for example in videos and brochures, in photos and on the Internet – the employees provide insights into their everyday working routine and into the location where they work.

One thing is clear: Nobody is closer to Röchling than its employees. They are the people most familiar with the culture and values of our traditional family-owned company. They have mastered all processes and procedures, be they technical or commercial. They are fully in the picture when it comes to customer requests and products. They know the opportunities and possibilities that Röchling offers them. In short: They know the benefits of working for Röchling. They represent the best and most credible way to attract new staff.

A prerequisite for this is that the team actually stands behind its employer and is happy to work for the company. In 2017, Röchling bolstered this internal cohesion and team spirit with the help of a photo campaign. Employees at all locations worldwide were invited to place a small location marker displaying the Röchling logo at places chosen by them and to take a photograph. The aim was to document the fact that Röchling is everywhere – in fact or in spirit.

Each Picture Tells a Little Story
The response was huge: almost 1,000 photos were submitted, and each picture tells a little story. It shows what the employees associate their company with and what they have in common – across national borders, cultures, hierarchies and working areas. Parents fly a “Röchling kite” with their children, nothing gets done in the kitchen without a plastic chopping board, skateboards only work properly thanks to Röchling, and even the dentist’s chair relies on the technical plastics supplied by Röchling.

Winners in Five Categories
Unusual locations, interesting products, expressive group shots, funny motifs, and simply beautiful photos – awards were presented in these five categories. The photos were incorporated into the recruitment campaign “Röchling is Everywhere” and not least document how the employees feel about their company.

In the following three examples, we show what closeness in everyday work means, and how Röchling creates close connections to employees, customers, markets or new topics.