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We all live in a networked world, more so than ever before in human history. A brief click is all it takes to be informed of events taking place almost concurrently at the other end of the world. You can communicate just as conveniently with work colleagues who are in the office, in the plant or on the move 5,000 kilometers away. We are no longer separated by physical distance.

But are we actually closer to one another as a result? Do we understand the news, the messages or our work colleagues better? The removal of physical distance is not synonymous with greater proximity. Even in this networked era, it is a challenging undertaking to establish a genuine and lasting ­connection, to really understand people.


Our 2017/2018 image brochure is entitled “Simply closer” and highlights how Röchling creates a closeness that makes us different from others. One thing is for sure: genuine closeness is an important success factor for companies. Close ties to customers, suppliers, partners and employees mean understanding their requirements and issues, challenges and wishes, concerns and needs. This is the prerequisite for creating added value for our customers and having motivated, confident and committed employees in our ranks. We see in this closeness the great opportunity to become even better, even more innovative, even more effective and even faster. All of this paired with the reliability that people value so much about Röchling.

Closeness is based on trust: only people who trust will allow others to get close to them. This type of trusting relationship is not created from one day to the next. It becomes firmly established over time. For Röchling – as a family company that is almost 200 years old – stability is an important value. It is the basis on which our employees and our partners give us their trust. We take great care of this precious gift because trust is very difficult to regain once it has been lost.

In times during which great changes need to be overcome with great speed, trust is a special quality. At present, the topics of ubiquitous digital transformation, international growth and global competition call for a great deal of willingness to change. We continuously enhance our organization so that we can use these changes as an opportunity in close partnership with our cus­tomers. We actively shape the future and respond quickly to changing requirements. Our highly qualified employees show respect and apprecia­tion to our partners and can communicate as equals with them on matters of content. In this way, we ensure productive exchanges for all participants.

For Röchling, closeness means moreover a targeted and responsible approach to internationalization. We want to maintain a presence on site in order to optimally serve our customers and to better understand the relevant issues. We also deal with this aspect in our current image brochure, which contains, moreover, the most important company figures. Many partners have placed their trust in us during the 2017 financial year too. The Röchling Group recorded further international growth. We have again increased our sales and our profitability, established new locations, acquired companies, expanded our production capacities and launched new and enhanced materials, products and systems on the market. We have worked hard to ensure that we also remain closer in the future.

We look forward to your continuing loyalty and we hope you enjoy reading the interesting and exciting articles below.

Prof. Dr.
Hanns-Peter Knaebel
President & CEO

Erwin Doll

Franz Lübbers

Steffen Rowold